We should go spread God’s word, like a disease, but not the bad kind. A disease like love. This disease is the greatest disease of all, the kind everyone wants, because its God’s love. So we should spread it, so everyone can have it. So we can all love forever and ever.

      God told His disciples to go make disciples of all nations and baptize them in His name. He wants us to do the same. We should not be ashamed of our religion and to tell others we believe in God. God holds our life and is always there for us. He did so much for us so why not do the same for Him? Go and spread God’s love, go and spread His love.

religion: prom date

because our school is a christian school, if i brought someone like that i would get in trouble, without an explanation. even though we are christians and not supposed to judge….allot of people do….even here people here assume the worst and never allow anyone to explain why they did this thing. I would invite someone like that to prom because we are a christian school (hoping for no drama) and i would want to show him or her that christians can have fun too.you dont need sex or drugs or any bad stuff to have fun…even tho they can be…i guess…lol.


Forgetting who you are, hating yourself,and hurting yourself. Being bullied can cause serious pain to someone for the rest of their lives… it may even lead to suicide. I have been bullied, and i was really upset, but I vent to the people I know I can trust. I know i have to choose my friends wisely. I knew that I had to ignore those painful words, and when I did that, the bullying stopped. Those words hit me hard, and they are still with me. Bullies are most likely bullying others because of their own emotional pain. I personally feel sorry for bullies. I advise those who are being bullied to either ignore those words, or say something to them. Dont bully back but stick up for yourself. Ive confronted someone, first they yelled at me and called me more names, then they just stopped talking to me. Now that person and I actually get along!


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What student do you most associate with?
Im different then the students in the video so..none.

Do you feel like learning online is good for you? Why or Why Not

Yes beacuse it gives us a different more technoligca style of learning.

religion video (watch and discuss)

I know people like her. They feel lost and feel like the whole world is against them. I see that and I try talking to them about God but once i mention HIm its like they stop listening. I feel like nooone sees me or listens to me either, or sees that im upset or hurting… and it hurts but I know that God sees me. Sometimes I blame Him for what happens. I know that this hurt wont last forever I just need to see the positive in things. I like this video because its telling people that God knows, and their is a place to go for help (church). But what i dont like is that they didnt really say “hey God is there for you, walk through that door!” they just show it in the video but if someoone was just listening to the song..they would have no idea.

religion question

i dont know what to think,as a christian, about demons and ghosts. personally i do believe they are here cuz i swear i have seen them! i asked my parents about it and they said know one can walk the earth after their death because they are either in hell or heaven. I know at least there are demons cuz ppl still get possessed and it says so in the bible…but angels protect us from them…..but there are so many things that have happened to ppl i know…even family…that leads me to believe they can touch us. so what should i believe?

Religion. DISAGREE

We show that we are Christians by our love…

God wants us to practice what we preach, so if we tell or sing or write about God, lets act the way we tell others too. Lets live the way God wants us to! It is true that God loves us no matter our sins, but we shouldn’t just sin and say “oh well God will forgive me.” When people swear in their songs or sing about sex,drugs,cheating,lying, or killing…they are sharing to the world what they have done. We know how much they sin. Why would we look up to them as roe-models or practice what they preach? they are not the way to a good life, God is. We can do all bad things and know God will forgive us. Yes He is amazing, so why use Him? we shouldnt use God to get to a life of drugs and then a life of paradise. 

God still loves you even if your ugly! 

Matthew 7: 1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

psalms 139: 14- I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
your works are wonderful, 
I know that full well. 

God loves you no matter what! so be confident and dont make fun of peoples misfortunes!

my fall :religion class.

a time that i fell was when i was sad and angry because people are fakies! So i shut myself away from everyone…even God. i thought that way i would be getting back at everyone who was telling lies and trying to hurt me. I fell away from Him. Even my parents couldnt get through to me, i was like a robot just going through my day then locking myself in my room.  The thoughts that went on in my head were hard, and the way people were acting made me depressed. Finally it went on toooo long and i looked at everything that happened and i prayed. Things got better from there. My mom and i talked, my friends realized the truth, and i knew God was there. I get rid of any negative people in my life… and make sure i keep the people that will always have my back. when people tell lies, i dont listen to them. I dont tell lies about others because i know how it feels. Gossip sucks butt and the people telling them will be judged by God in the end for their sins.

Grace n Denzel

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